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Possible Instagram security vulnerability reportedly revealed; update: Instagram says bug fixed, no private data made public | The Verge

The Cloud is Huge!: What on earth is Uppernet

Facebook’s email switch prompts criticism by users

Just when you thought it was all cool at Facebook, they pull one of these.  Well, what do you expect?  Its a free service.  Its their website.  You’re only a guest with limited control that they can change at will.  Next thing you know you’ll be demanding your rights.  The solution – start paying for it.  Watch out!  You might get what you wish for!

Stay Tuned.

BBC News – Facebook’s email switch prompts criticism by users

Ford fine-tuning Traffic Jam Assist

Giving new meaning to the term Mobile Computing.  Now what’s possibly in store for us from the regulators?  We trust all this automatic stuff is hands-free and won’t require any regulation or fines for enforcement.  Or will the driving be hands-free in the future so that we can ride in luxury while using our “other” mobile smart devices safely.  Boggles the brain!

Ford fine-tuning Traffic Jam Assist using radar, cameras to speed vehicle along | Detroit Free Press |

‘Cloud’ Computing and Storage Explained

Finally.  Mainstream media has finally discovered the “Cloud”.  That is if ABC News is still a part of mainstream media.  The consistent changes of the look and feel – as well as content – continues to mirror the changes in traditional television presentation on the web. the future looks bright and interesting in this regard.  Now where is print media in all this?

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‘Cloud’ Computing and Storage Explained – ABC News

Why Facebook Is Folding On Credits And Doubling Down On Payments | TechCrunch

I guess the other shoe just dropped.  After its controversial IPO, Facebook joins the ranks of the rest of us:  Having to earn a living.  Seems like we now have another iTunes to contend with.  Does anyone want to predict what will happen when the 99% have to start paying for Facebook features?  

Why Facebook Is Folding On Credits And Doubling Down On Payments | TechCrunch

The Value of Privacy

Now its time to decide whether online privacy is or isn’t important.  Part of the problem with the Internet is that the majority of users don’t know, don’t care, or understand anything about the relationship between Internet use and privacy.  And then there is tracking, which is another major conceptual challenge which accounts for one reason that Microsoft will ship Internet Explorer 8 with “Do Not Track” turned on by default.  We are probably our own worst enemies  these days.  Hopefully that will change over time.

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The Value of Privacy – Technology Review

Orangescape and Google enable move to cloud for UK Foods leader United Biscuits

Another great example of the power and reach of the cloud as a major provider deploys cloud strategies to increase market share and profitibility.  

Orangescape and Google enable move to cloud for UK Foods leader United Biscuits – SFGate

Vubiz launches premier Online Cloud Computing Course

Not an endorsement.  But an interesting idea.

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Vubiz launches premier Online Cloud Computing Course – SFGate

Microsoft’s Nadella to Rackspace: Let’s talk cloud interoperability

Now we’re getting to where the rubber meets the road.  In the Uppernet blogs of the past couple of weeks we talked about transparency.  We meant that when you use a cloud service, the vendors involved in the entire data chain are known to you.  Similarly, Nadella’s call for interoperability is as important.  Many enterprise providers require scalability and redundancy.  It isn’t unreasonable to select two different vendors – per say – to provide redundant connections to a company data center.  Why not provide a similar option in the cloud provider’s service level agreement.  Better yet, why not encourage cooperation between vendors.  What a radical idea!

Microsoft’s Nadella to Rackspace: Let’s talk cloud interoperability — Cloud Computing News